Summer Square


Requested by the residents, Maunula House’s lively activities will extend outdoors with the opening of the Summer Square season in front of the building late in May. The Summer Square invites residents to enjoy the versatile programme and summer together. There will be something to see and experience for all ages.

The focal point of the Summer Square will be a mobile stage featuring all kinds of music from jazz, soul, classical, rock and pop music to hip-hop performed by young artists. Besides concerts, the varied programme in the square will include park yoga, flea markets, circus and open stage performances and interesting panel discussions. Other features include Youth Pride Week and a couple of Children’s Saturdays.

The 2022 summer season will open with the How Rock Came to Maunula festival that takes us on a time travel to the first decades of rock. The panel discussions in the evening dive deeper into the phenomena of the era, including a trip down the memory lane with Muska Babitzin and The Sounds. The event is part of the programme voted by the public at the Maunula House.

The Summer Square serves as a new meeting place for the residents, promoting the status of Maunula House as a centre for free-of-charge cultural events. The idea came from the city residents, who hoped to see more activities and diversified programme in the square. The Summer Square, which was implemented based on a public vote, will start operating in the summer of 2022.